Business Accounting Services

Your needs are varied, so are our business accounting services.

We assist our clients with restructuring, revitalising and developing their business accounting. We offer many services including assistance with cash flow, budgets and lending requirements.

When it comes to improving your business, you can rest assured that we have the answers to all your questions. You can rely on our extensive knowledge and feel comfortable dealing directly with the business owner, who has run two successful businesses for over thirteen years.

We’ve assisted numerous business owners to achieve greater success, and we’ll tailor a solution to bring greater successes to your business.

Getting Started:

Whether you’re starting a business, or buying into one, it’s important to get the right advice about taxation and reporting obligations.

Running a business can be challenging.  Even the most astute business owner may find it challenging to allocate the time and resources required to create necessary systems and procedures. Having systems and procedures in place from early on, and before issues arise, gives your business the best opportunity to be successful and profitable from the start.

There is nothing wrong with asking someone for help and knowing your own limitations.

  • Buying, Selling and Exit Strategies:

    We can assist clients with valuing businesses, lending requirements and succession planning when looking to buy and sell a business.
    Pro Tip: When setting up a business, it’s very important to think past just the short term.   Having a plan for the long term and the correct structure for when you want to get out of business can save you considerable money.

  • Lending Restructure:

    Think outside the box of standard lending with our tailored advice.  Structured incorrectly, lending and purchasing new assets does not have to be a strain on your business. We provide solutions for all businesses, and are especially able to assist with challenging circumstances like poor cash flow and changing structures.

  • Bookkeeping Services:

    In-house clients have exclusive access to our bookkeeping services. This works extremely well to ensure the longevity of your business and helps keep your accounting fees lower. Furthermore, your in-house bookkeeper has 100% access to an accountants knowledge and overall business plan.

  • Restructures:

    Looking at changing your business structures? Sometimes changing a structure is necessitates the change of a contract (eg. marriage) or a restructure can simply make better business sense. There are significant things to consider in order to optimise the opportunity and we’ll help you navigate your way through to avoid the pitfalls.

  • Cashflow/Budget:

    Having good budgets and cash flows are imperative for good business practice and often are an essential requirement of lending.  Having the skills and knowledge to continually update and maintain a cashflow can give your business the edge.

  • Company Management:

    Money Matters can manage all of your ASIC and ATO requirements for company management. This relieves the pressure off business owners and allows them to focus on day to day business activities without distraction.

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